Design by Rula Clint

Ordering Process
                        Ordering Process of Irish Dance Dresses

Buying a custom made solo dress, vest or jacket can be a stressful experience. The Design by Rula Clint philosophy is to not only take the stress out of the buying experience, but also to make it fun.


  1. A conversation to understand your requirements, preferences and design ideas
  2. Order confirmation ($250 non-refundable deposit required)
  3. Detailed design process begins. A photo or meeting with the dancer is recommended, so that we can design a dress that complements body shape and skin tone.
  4. Design finalized and delivery date agreed
  5. Detailed measurements made (either using the measurement form or in person if you are in the Houston TX area)
  6. A mock-up dress in calico fabric using your measurements is made and mailed to you for fitting purposes along with fabric swatches.
  7. Mock-up fitting by Skype/FaceTime or in-person in the Houston TX area
  8. Work begins on making your unique dress

And the fun part? While your dress is being made, you will regularly receive photos and videos at each stage so you can see the entire process come to life!

 9. Once the dress is complete, pay the balance and then the dress is shipped to you

Payment Process

A $250 non-refundable deposit is required through Paypal, or credit card as confirmation of the order, and to start the detailed design work. The balance is paid in the same manner, before the finished dress is shipped to you.

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